Letter in English

Dear ( name)

As a European citizen and a human being, I am deeply shocked and worried about the continuing misery on the Greek islands. The fire in Moria made a situation that had been degrading for years, if possible, even worse.

Above all, this situation would be avoidable if the European migration policy showed respect for human rights.

There can be no place in Europe for such camps, but -as we speak- people are already being taken to a new Moria. I would like to ask you, first of all, to make a firm commitment to the immediate evacuation of people from the Greek islands to Europe. This is the only sustainable solution, including for the islanders who have been providing emergency aid for years where the European community has been lacking.

I expect all European countries to play a pioneering role in organising sustainable solutions. This week, a new European Migration Pact will be proposed in parliament. I would like to ask you to insist that you and your colleagues in the political groups scrutinize this very critically.

If the EU wants to be seen as a global defender of human rights, these rights must form the basis of its own policy towards people seeking protection.
This means that the EU:

⁃ should support rescue operations at sea and aid organisations instead of thwarting and criminalising them.

⁃ must work towards legal, safe access routes.

⁃ must stop leaving the management of its external borders to undemocratic regimes.

⁃ should stop cooperating with the Libyan Coast Guard.

⁃ should fundamentally condemn violence against refugees and fight illegal pushbacks.

⁃ Obligatorily distribute among the member states the refugees who are now stranded at the external borders and often have to wait years for an interview there.

⁃ guarantee fair treatment of each person seeking refuge’s case and the legal and other assistance to which they are entitled in each member state.
A pact in which these measures are lacking cannot offer a lasting solution. The fight against the smuggling of human beings cannot be a fight against migration.

I welcome your answer.

Kind regards,

(Your name)